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Property owners in the US leave behind millions of dollars every year because of the complexity involved in the insurance claims process. Our public adjusters are here to ensure that you are not one of them. By representing you to your insurance carrier, our public adjusters ensure that you get the maximum amount of money you deserve on your insurance claim.

Hail Claims

In 2019 Colorado suffered 294 hail events. Hail is responsible for damage to your roof and siding. This can lead to water getting in the house and causing mold. Find out how a public claims adjuster can maximize your insurance claim.

Fire Claims

Colorado suffers anywhere from 1200 to 1800 wildfires a year. Fires can range from small to catastrophic. They can upend your entire life. A public adjuster can help you put your life back together again.

High Winds

High winds damage thousands of homes in Colorado every year. Everything from roofs to windows can be ruined amounting tens of thousands of dollars in damages. A public adjuster can ensure you get  what you deserve on you insurance claim.


Vandalism can not only destroy your home or business but it can also destroy your personal belongings. A public adjuster can get your contents covered on your insurance claim.

Water Claims

Water damage does not have to come from a flood. Water backups in the house can cause thousands of dollars in damage. Find out how a public claims adjuster can help.

Lightning Claims

Lighting strikes can cause damage to personal property and electric components. A public adjuster will help you get maximum dollar value on your claim.

We handle your claim and educate you in the process

Not only do we help you understand what your policy covers but we also help you understand the insurance claims process. 

Most people don't know what is covered by insurance and when they file a claim they take a very passive roll in the process. A public adjuster is there to make sure you are never left in the dark when it comes to insurance claims. 

We help you get back to your life.

You have your own work, family, and obligations. The claims process can be tedious and take many hours. When you hire a certified public claims adjuster to represent you, not only do you free up your time but you ensure that you will get the maximum payout so you can replace what was lost and get back to living.

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